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    Software Security and SDLC

    Importance of programming security, SDLC, and code survey

    Security is a significant prerequisite in SDLC measures. While creating programming, we follow designing standards, plan designs, and other prescribed procedures to guarantee the...
    Quantum PC and computing

    Importance of encryption calculations in the time of Quantum PC’s/Computers

    Quantum PC isn't a long way from the real world. Analysts from the University of Bristol and NTT have assembled an optical chip that...
    Blockchain Technology

    Understanding Blockchain Technology- it’s What and How?

    What is Blockchain Technology? In layman's terms, Blockchain is a sort of circulated record or decentralized information base that keeps constantly refreshing the advanced records...
    Software Errors

    14 of the most perilous Programming Mistakes

    Here is an incorporated rundown of the 14 most perilous Programming Mistakes, characterized by SANS establishment, that can prompt genuine weaknesses in any product....
    Application Security

    The importance of Application Security and business flaws

    These days, the vast majority of the basic Application Security-related weaknesses like SQL infusion, XSS, CSRF, File Inclusion are sorting out with the assistance...

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