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    Vinay Mony on Data Scince

    Data Science abilities which are most sought after

    Quite possibly the main change driven by the pandemic is advanced speed increase. In this sped-up computerized world, as organizations move to an experience-driven...
    Data Science Tips

    Tips to make a profession in Data Science

    With the approach of information-driven choices, there is a requirement for reasonable HR to plan and execute the arrangements. Being another field, there are...
    Cloud Innovations for WFH

    Top 5 Cloud Innovations that will build the new ordinary

    The Coronavirus pandemic has generally changed human conduct. None of us could predict that Work from Home (WFH) would turn into the new order....
    Arun Batra on Diversity

    Arun Batra on the need for variety and comprehensiveness in organizations.

    By Arun Batra At EY, we ponder contrasts, like identity, social foundation, language, schooling, sex, nationality, age, working and thinking styles, strict foundation, sexual direction,...
    Data Science by Abhijit Joshi

    Building a Data Science culture inside a firm’s framework shares Director – Service Delivery...

    By Abhijit Joshi "Information is the new oil" or "information is soil" are the expressions inseparable from mechanical disturbance today. In associations, nonetheless, building the...

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