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Google Maps discreetly acquaints new custom vehicle symbols

The internet searcher monster, Google has unobtrusively added new symbols in the Maps application. The cool new vehicle symbols permit clients to change what vehicle they are driving.

Google Maps on Android has these new vehicle symbols with the v10.52.2. The element has been accessible for iPhone for a long while. You would now be able to change your vehicle symbol from the bolt. You can without much of a stretch add a red vehicle, green get truck, or a yellow SUV, in view of what vehicle you drive.

The element is covered away when you begin exploring from guide A toward B. You must have the option to change the vehicle or vehicle symbol in iOS. The component permits customization of your vehicle from the standard bolt to a red vehicle.

To do as such, you need to begin the route. At that point, you can tap the bolt symbol, which opens a little popup menu that will allow you to change the vehicle symbol. The component works likewise in an iOS application. Google is yet to affirm this change authoritatively.

The web index goliath has been furtively adding new highlights to Maps. It has added a Covid layer to the Maps application recently. An instrument shows data about the COVID-19 cases, alongside a warmth map. To utilize this warmth map in Google Maps, the clients need to tap on the layer button.

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