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    IBM launches Cloud for Telecom- To add services to their business models

    IBM, the big blue software corporation, launched IBM Cloud for Telecom with its suppliers. The hybrid cloud platform is intended to help partners in telecommunications solve their greatest challenges. IBM Cloud is built on top of Red Hat Open Shift Cloud for Telecom.

    It aims to drive market change, enhancing the interaction of digital customers. Telecom operators are struggling to scale and maintain rising amounts of audio, data, and multimedia services, the tech company says. Many providers of communication services need to virtualize their entire network at various locations. Most of them, in a cloud-native environment, are not even prepared to virtualize.

    As 5G and edge tech become true, the tech infrastructure embraces hybrid and transparent cloud architecture, providing telecom operators with more agility. Accessibility, privacy, low latency, and control are required in each of these applications. Together with its telecom partners, IBM cloud aims to accomplish the modernized IT architecture, networking, and momentum-gaining applications on the edge.

    IBM says its global integrators will develop practices helping clients implement IBM cloud-based solutions. IBM’s channel partners are top tech companies, including Wipro, HCL, and Tech Mahindra. We are pleased to work more closely with related partners to help customers modernize IT and network workloads for hybrid cloud environments in telecommunications with Red Hat Open Shift,” said Howard Boville, Senior Vice President of Hybrid Cloud. We are also looking forward to our potential ecosystem partners using this network to provide our joint clients with new, creative technologies and services.

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