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    Internet Browser to select in 2020: Chrome vs Firefox vs Edge

    Internet Browser in 2020 is a large and unexplored sector. There is a need for an Internet Browser with the growing demand and usage of the internet. Want to know which browser to select in 2020. Here’s which web browser to pick in 2020.

    1. Features

    Usually, most Internet Browser’s provide more or less the same set of functionalities. Popular features such as bookmarking, password saving, private browsing mode, etc. are included in Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

    There is a clear gap, however, between them. Google’s casting functionality is supported by Chrome and Microsoft Edge. You can conveniently beam web pages and apps to a compatible computer or Chromecast. The casting feature is not provided by Firefox.

    A special feature called Collections is available for Microsoft Edge. That works well for many tabs to handle. Chrome follows its own pattern of tabs for grouping. In the Chrome browser, you can name and colour code the classes.

    2. Security

    One of the most infamous protection browsers is Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Over the years, it has been hacked many times. With Edge, Microsoft’s been trying to change that picture. The browser is powered by SmartScreen technology from Microsoft, which analyses web pages and alerts users while looking at a malicious website.

    Google’s Chrome runs sandbox processes and features a built-in dodgy website warning system. Password checker is another interesting feature in Chrome, which alerts you if you log in to a site where passwords are considered to be compromised. Firefox has a password-checking feature that is identical.

    3. Privacy

    Google does not do anything to safeguard user privacy, but it sends a ‘Do Not Monitor’ alert message automatically. It tells the websites not to track your actions or to document them. When a site uses your camera or microphone or accesses your location, Chrome often sends warnings.

    Edge has three-tier confidentiality power. The most malicious monitoring technologies are kept away by fundamental security. The balanced setting also helps to block sites’ cookies. The Do Not Monitor functionality also comes with Firefox, which is switched off by default.

    4. Performance

    Performance is typically the most critical parameter in the selection of a browser. The result of the Jetstream benchmark indicates that Microsoft Edge, followed by Google Chrome and then Firefox, is the best performing browser.

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    Editorial Team
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