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    Journey of Abdul Alim from Zoho: From Security Guard to Tech Officer

    Abdul Alim, who functioned as the Security Guard of the innovation organization, was subsequently employed for the specialized group. He is a piece of Zoho Corporation that represents considerable authority in Cloud Computing, Software Development, and online business apparatuses. Alim doesn’t have advanced education and was met for the work.

    Abdul Alim shared his story expressing that he left his home with Rs 1,000 just in his pocket in 2013. He landed the security work area position in the Zoho office in Chennai following two months of battle. When a senior representative urged him to study PCs and programming dialects.

    Subsequent to finishing his work day of 12 hours, he used to find out about the PC with the assistance of his senior. He made an application following 8 months of his discovering that takes contribution from clients and imagines it.

    In view of the application, Alim was met even with no school or college degree. Yet, for the organization, his abilities were a higher priority than advanced education. He finished eight years of working with the Zoho Corporation.

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