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    Meet Venkat a 7-year-old from Odisha who has cleared the Microsoft Technology Associate assessment

    Children figuring out how to code at a youthful age is nothing unexpected nowadays. Yet, learning and breaking an assessment of one of the main innovation brands is no exactly a marvel. Today, we present to you an account of a 7-year-old virtuoso who remains in front of his age and time.

    Meet the force to be reckoned with of coding – Venkat Raman Patnaik, who is a class III understudy. Venkat challenged the chances of his age by clearing the Microsoft Technology Associate Examination, which is a worldwide perceived certificate for nerds who need to begin a profession in the IT business.

    Venkat was self-taught from WhiteHat Jr and has cleared the MTA test for the prologue to program in Java, JavaScript, Python, HTML, CSS, and information base organization essentials.

    Jatinder Kaur, who is his instructor cites, “Venkat joined classes at WhiteHat Jr during March 19 and went to around 160 classes. He got the pith of coding from the very beginning. His accomplishment is uncommon for sure.”

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